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It’s never boring in notguilty land

Even more exciting news in notguilty land. I’ve been MIA because we’ve been madly searching for houses. Our lease is up in two months and while we love living in the city, there just isn’t enough space in our little hipster apartment. I met a kick ass real estate agent, she only works part time […]

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How you like me now?

On Friday, at our Grand Party, I ran into a woman with whom I had interviewed at the PD’s office (one of my twenty million interviews there, if my dear readers recall). She introduced herself to me and I reminded her that I interviewed with her and that she did not hire me. I said […]

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I haven’t posted in how long??

Well, I am shocked and dismayed by my lack of posts. It’s not like there isn’t a lot going on. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been updating. Its hard to keep up with myself some days. Anyway, here’s what’s been happening: Our office is up and running. We’ve got gorgeous furniture and a glass door […]

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