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Ouch, I feel rejected!

There are some clients you are just better off without. I say this for those young lawyers brave enough to step out on their own and who will, inevitably, face some form of rejection by clients. Whether its people who dangle the thrill of new clientdom in front of you, but who ultimately choose another […]

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So, uh, nice track marks

Long ago, in a land far far away, I never would have imagined this would be my life. I have my own Sharps container in my kitchen. I have a gigantic tupperware container of medication, and my beer fridge downstairs is filled with even more. I have syringes and needles that could get me a […]

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It’s been a long time, friend

I’ve had a nice hiatus from blogging. I’ve bitched about my lack of anonymity for long enough and now its just time to come to grips with the fact that I need to be cautious about what I write. It’s a shame, though, since that means I won’t be writing about most of the juicy […]

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