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This blog is about to get really lame

Yes, it is. In fact, it is going to get so lame that I don’t even know what the point is anymore. For example, today, I want to understand the stigma behind owning and driving a mini-van. Why is it so different from an SUV? Why does husband have a fit every time I say […]

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Should I give it away in the title of this post?

I am putting this out there, hesitantly, tentatively, with the utmost caution. My doctors say I am with child(ren). I am not out of my first trimester, in fact, I’ve barely got my foot in the first, but there is something there and its giving off the hormones it is supposed to give off. I […]

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Dear Anonymous

Your comment sucked and I deleted it. While the U.S.A. may purport to be a free country, people’s individual blogs are not. You and FedEx deserve each other. I love being the ruler of my little blogger universe. Share on Facebook

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FedEx Sucks

I want the whole world to know that FedEx sucks. By the way, Federal Express, you blow. I can’t even believe people entrust valuables to you, much less documents that absolutely, positively have to be there overnight. FedEx, FedEx Express, Federal Express/Kinko’s, whatever you call yourselves, you are rude and inefficient. Now I know why […]

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