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In deference to Old Yeller.

Scott Greenfield was on twitter today and he accused me of being a pussy.  He asked if there was anything that moved me enough to yell. Because he yells.  And Terry Kindlon yelled.  And lots of other lawyers yell.  I don’t yell.  Not here.  And, since this is my blog where I can write what […]

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The Thin, Navy Blue Suit, Line

There has been some chatter in the blogger world lately about ineffective assistance of counsel. Jamison Koehler, Scott Greenfield, Gamso, Mark Bennett and Gideon have written about ineffective assistance of counsel and broken it down into its bits and pieces. I’m not one to quickly jump into the fray in these kinds of conversations. I […]

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Letter to a Young(ish) Lawyer.

What you’ll read below is an email sent to me by the person I consider to be my mentor, and one of the greatest lawyers I’ve ever seen, Terry Kindlon.  Now, Terry is no joke.  He’s tried capital cases and DWI’s, if you google his name you’ll see the kinds of shit he takes on.  […]

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Starting Over

I was away for a few days, hanging out with some women friends of mine, so I haven’t been able to keep up with my daily dose of blogosphere drama.  I came back to the office this morning, put my four cup coffee pot on to brew, and sat down to read my ‘stories’.  I […]

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