I always feel like somebody’s watching me

I haven’t had a sitemeter or any sort of analyzer on this site until this week, when my friend Jamison Koehler recommended that I find out who is reading and where they are coming from.  I resisted, but as we all know, resistance is futile.  Now, I almost wish I didn’t know.

Today, for example, someone from uscourts.gov has spent over 25 minutes on this blog.  What are they looking for?  What are they reading?  Am I going to get a subpoena in the mail about something I’ve said in the past?

 A person in Alexandria, VA seemingly has this site open all day and night (who are you, why are you blogstalking me?).  I feel like I need to go back and re-read everything, check to make sure I’ve not admitted doing anything illegal or offended dear old friends.  It was better before I knew.

As an Afghan-American, I also wonder how many folks at the NSA or FBI or CIA are required to keep tabs on this.  Not too many, I hope, because although I am not a huge fan of the MAN, I am even less of an admirer of terrorists, seeing as how they have royally screwed up my motherland and are working at hampering all of my civil liberties here in my adopted country as well. 

I checked out where referrals come from, Mark Bennett, Scott Greenfield, Jamison give me a bunch.  Twitter apparently is a go-to place for people to get to me as well.  But then you see the google searches that get people here.  I wrote a sort of harsh post about Barbri and that comes up fequently when you search BarBri and Maryland.  I don’t think that’s what law students are looking for when they run that google search.  But then again, people looking for “how to cover up track marks” probably didn’t want to read about self-injection with ovarian hyperstimulating hormones.  I imagine they thought I was a different kind of kindred spirit.  Just yesterday, someone was looking for a navy blue suit.  Alas, they found notguilty instead.

To say that I’m not flattered that people read this would be a lie.  But I think I might turn sitemeter off.  I have lost my anonymity, but I liked it better when you all still had yours.

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  1. Jamison - May 3, 2010

    Great post, Mirriam. Clever ending.

    And I am glad my site has been sending traffic to your blog. My readers obviously appreciate fine writing!

    Not Guilty is # 3 on the list of websites sending traffic my way. Simple Justice is #1, followed by DA Confidential. PD Revolution is #4 and Gamso For the Defense #5.

  2. Rick Horowitz - May 3, 2010

    I used to get a kick out of seeing how many times the FBI or various law enforcement offices and courts visited my site. I held out some hope they might learn a little law!

  3. Jeff Gamso - May 3, 2010

    It was when I got a hit from North Korea that I started to wonder if tracking this stuff was worth pursuing. I've concluded that the geography is more interesting than anything else I can track down. Why did I have a bunch of hits from various places in Brazil last week?

    Of course, given my remarkably limited computer skills, and my unwillingness to pay anything for more information, I can't track down all that much.

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