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Blawg Review #279

International Day of the Disappeared A Blawg Review in Three Parts   I am really quite nervous to be hosting Blawg Review #279.  It’s sort of a big deal.   I read Blawg Review pretty regularly and I know that people who wouldn’t otherwise stop by Not Guilty’s little spot on the blogosphere might do so.  […]

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Hey, if it’s good enough for the Judge.

A young lawyer linked to this article in Time Magazine that talks about a decision by the 9th circuit in U.S. v. Pineda-Moreno holding that law enforcement can attach GPS devices to cars as part of their surveillance.  (FYI, the article is by Adam Cohen who is usually a day late and a dollar short.)  […]

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Blawg Review

In even more exciting news, I am hosting Blawg Review #279.  Submission guidelines are here.  If you have something you think I should consider, please send it to the editor at blawg review for um, blawg review.  I’m excited to take a gander at the latest and greatest out there and to maybe do a […]

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This blog – 39 years 1 day.

It is the first day full day of the 39th year of my life.  I was thinking I would write an angst filled post about the unexpected twists and turns my life has taken, how chaos has been the rule rather than the exception, and making a list of regrets and laments. But, what would […]

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