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Contract ‘Lawyering’ – The Fast Track to Nowwheresville.

I did an interview (twiterview?) on twitter – I know, I know, it sounds really strange but it was actually kind of fun. Anyway, I did this interview with attorney Lance Godard from the Godard Group and one of the questions was what advice do you have for under or unemployed lawyers struggling to find […]

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Your bad parenting is not my problem

Well, it’s good we’ve finally acknowledged that we are 100,000% unable to think for ourselves  Clearly, our reading comprehension is so staggeringly poor that when the surgeon general puts on our cigarettes “You will Die if you smoke this” we dismiss it as mere hyperbole so now, just for those of us who can’t read […]

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Death at Your Doorstep

If you haven’t been following the trial of Steven Hayes, good for you.  This is the stuff nightmares are made of.  This is a plot line from Criminal Minds. It is the stuff that even we criminal defense lawyers say is such a rare case that we really shouldn’t fear it and we laugh when […]

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It really was great in theory.

I’m not a public defender.  I’m a private lawyer that accepts appointments through the Criminal Justice Act panel in Maryland.  I don’t do any state court assigned work, the pay is crap and the cases are usually terrible.  The cases aren’t great in Federal Court, but few cases in the federal criminal system ever really […]

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