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The gay marriage litmus test

I use the term litmus test with only a vague understanding of it’s meaning. I am, unfortunately, a science moron, and only remember something about paper turning purple if it’s basic? Or is it acidic?В  Regardless, I understand it means “a test in which a single factor(as an attitude, event, or fact) is decisive.” At […]

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More Unnecessary State Sanctioned Killing

I read an incredibly disturbing story today about a 26 year old former marine who was at home with his wife and two small children when a SWAT team broke into his house (ok, they had a search warrant which I’m sure was poured over by the judge who signed it) and gunned him down.  […]

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Are these your kids, ma’am?

I am the mother of twin boys that will be four in August.В  If you follow the blog you know that I had trouble conceiving, was on bedrest for over four months while pregnant, and then had a very difficult recovery.В  All in all, actually physically bringing those boys into this world was tough.В  Now, […]

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The ranting shall commence

I am terribly behind in reading the blogs over there on the right.В  I’m terribly behind on updating my website and moving my blog to the notguiltynoway domain name that I’ve recently acquired.В  But I’ve started to catch up and you know, I have to say, I liked the relative peace and quite afforded to […]

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