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Not innocent and not guilty all at the same time.

I know I promised a post about politically correct talk and what it actually is – but I am going to be politically incorrect for a moment and talk to you about something that I really don’t know how to express and maybe you can help me – why are we ok with ruining people’s […]

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Stare Decisis and you

We lawyers love being fancy. We like our fancy words and phrases and we act like latin is our mother tongue. To be honest, we rarely use it, even in most legal writing since the style of today is down homey and casual. I know I try not to write so much like a lawyer […]

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In defense of Hillary Clinton’s defense.

In 1975, Hillary Clinton defended a man accused of rape. The man passed a polygraph and ultimately he entered a plea and was sentenced to either probation or a short jail sentence or walked away scott free, depending on the reports you read. Clinton gave an interview where she talks about her role as the […]

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A post on many things

What a strange thing, to wake up to news of killing in my homeland here, the same way I do to killing in the land of my birth. I assume that the people who are killing didn’t read my post from Sunday, wherein I said killing is wrong. Maybe they only read the headline of […]

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