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This isn’t about science or Darwin or that guy that defended him – Clarence Darrow, right? I’m not about to give you the legal analysis of anything that has come about recently – the evolution of fourth amendment law or black lives matter or anything else that is relevant to our profession at this moment. […]

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So glad you decided to join us.

It has come to my attention that our criminal justice system is broken. Did you know it might also be racist? And justice isn’t blind? I know, I know, I was just as shocked to hear about it as you were. It absolutely devastated me, considering all the equality there is and that I see […]

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If I am you then who are you?

I come into the office full of good intentions. After all, there is always so much work to do. Today, I planned on writing some motions to modify conditions of release (clients want to attend social functions with family members and since they are on house arrest, they have to ask the judge for permission.) […]

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Thursday Rewind – A letter to a young-ish lawyer

I have been a practicing lawyer for a whole bunch of years. Like really a good number of В years – more than five but less than 20. В I graduated from law school in 1997 so you do the math. Well, I did take some years off to be with the kids, then I did contract […]

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