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If I am you then who are you?

I come into the office full of good intentions. After all, there is always so much work to do. Today, I planned on writing some motions to modify conditions of release (clients want to attend social functions with family members and since they are on house arrest, they have to ask the judge for permission.) […]

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A belated Mother’s Day Post in Two Parts

Warning – lots of sap ahead.  If you are brave, read on. Part One: I promised a post on mother’s day and I failed to deliver, I was busy being a mother – changing diapers, time outs, Trader Joe’s.  I didn’t get a day off (although I did ‘get’ to go dress shopping, not my […]

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Starting Over

I was away for a few days, hanging out with some women friends of mine, so I haven’t been able to keep up with my daily dose of blogosphere drama.  I came back to the office this morning, put my four cup coffee pot on to brew, and sat down to read my ‘stories’.  I […]

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Why is that Panda eating a Lion?

Now that I’ve emerged from my cave, I’m afraid that people who met me while I was in there are a bit shocked at what kind of a bear I really am.   I seemed more panda-like back then, eating bamboo and leaving the nice people alone.  Look at me, I’m so cute.  Look, the panda is pregnant.  […]

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