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Your sense is not so common

Once again I allowed you, dear reader, to dictate what the subject matter of today’s blog post should be. I gave you many options and this week you picked that I should write about the absurdity of the law. This post could be very, very long. I spent a good deal of time thinking on […]

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Your mom

I could write poetry for days about my mother. I’ve written many posts about her in this blog because she has been an enormous influence on my life. She was a woman who didn’t leave her house after she was 10 without a burqa, she didn’t go to school until she was engaged to my […]

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This isn’t about science or Darwin or that guy that defended him – Clarence Darrow, right? I’m not about to give you the legal analysis of anything that has come about recently – the evolution of fourth amendment law or black lives matter or anything else that is relevant to our profession at this moment. […]

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If I am you then who are you?

I come into the office full of good intentions. After all, there is always so much work to do. Today, I planned on writing some motions to modify conditions of release (clients want to attend social functions with family members and since they are on house arrest, they have to ask the judge for permission.) […]

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