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Facts are not facts until the jury says they are facts. Got it?

When I was a young person, someone who did science experiments in school and wandered through life blind and naive, I thought ‘facts’ were real things – things that could be proven time and time again. Sure, sometimes things we called ‘facts’ would be disproved (unless you are one of 25% of Americans who still […]

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Please stop complaining about what you didn’t learn in law school.

There are so many posts and tweets and articles written on what law school didn’t prepare us for. Marketers scream “law school didn’t prepare you to run a business and get clients!” People who want to ghost write for you scream “You didn’t learn to write persuasively and use proper fonts!” Criminal defense lawyers scream […]

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A day at the jail.

I went to the jail today. I’d been putting it off for a long time, not because I didn’t want to go, but because I hadn’t gotten the discovery from the other side and needed to look at that before I met with the clients. It is, after all, helpful to know what he is […]

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The 4th Circuit Says C’mon Now, You Know That Isn’t Consent.

The cases from the 4th circuit that we win are few and far between. By ‘we’ I mean to take credit for those defense lawyers that take up and throw down the appellate gauntlet in our hallowed federal circuit courts. This circuit in which I sit isn’t known for it’s kindness to criminal defendants, and […]

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