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From Birmingham, With Love.

It was fifty years ago that Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and I have posted about it before. It is, as I’ve said on many occasions, something that inspires me when I am feeling quite the coward. There is very little in my life that requires absurd amounts of courage. […]

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Chicks and their moral dilemmas – what?

My last numbers indicate that there are 57 people on SoloSez who market themselves as criminal defense attorneys.  Eighteen of those are women.  According to google math, that is approximately 31% which doesn’t seem too horrible.  However none of those women lives near me or works near me so I am still going to have […]

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What else? Padilla, again. And now I’m using tags!

After screwing around on my blog and reading updates and looking at youtube, I finally made it to the Litigation Roundtable hosted at Duane Morris and sponsored by the DC AILA litigation committee.  It was great.  It would have been greater if my criminal defense breatheren and sisteren (if there is such a word) had […]

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